Jade Snuff Bottles

Jade Snuff Bottles

Jade Snuff BottleIn the annals of the art of the Chinese empire, jade, an ornamental stone had an exceptional implication, comparable with that of gold and precious gems. It has a very significant position during that period. This term jade is applied to distinct metamorphic rocks, which are made up of distinct silicate minerals. Jade was utilized to conceive numerous utilitarian and ritual things, from interior decorative pieces to jade burial costumes.

Jade is an attractive pebble that is available in green and white colors.

Jade is the quintessential Chinese pebble which is expensive and at the same time valuable. Jadeite material has same hardness as that of quartz, while nephrite is somewhat suppler.

Nephrite and jadeite materials were used from prehistoric periods for hard-stone carving. The hardness of jadeite is so hard that it can scratch the stone. Though Nephrite is softer, if the scratch test is done improperly, it may damage the actual material. If it cuts glass or iron alloy, it could still be numerous of the options to jade as well. They also include various forms of green quartz and prehnite.

During the rule of Qing dynasty, Snuff bottles were very famous and are used for storing powdered tobacco. At that time, though smoking is an illicit act, using snuff bottles is encouraged as it cures some illness such as headache, cold, stomach upsets.

Jade snuff bottles were made first made in Beijing and later in other locations engaged in the production of jade carving. Jade Snuff bottles are generally two to three inch large and were meant to be held in the hand. Jade Snuff bottles seem to have high demand and tactile admiration. Its availability in different colors and their imperfections made the craftsmen to bring the best carving out of them. Jade Snuff bottles are decorated with different animals and horse is one prominent animal among them. An azure and white dragon-decorated jade snuff bottle is very famous. With a flair for latest trend and style, there are several auction centers providing such bottles for bidding. With expertise and a passion for the treasures of China, these jade snuff bottles had a very high demand and their prices are still on the rise.

It is always important to verify the purchased bottle is real jade or not.

White Jade Snuff BottleJade Snuff bottles are available in different colors and amazing carvings on them. Beautifully decorated flowers, finely carved birds or animals give an adorable look to the jade snuff bottles. They are really impressive and can serve as the best interior d├ęcor.

The most valued jadeite is the one coming from Burma (Myanmar) also called Burmese Jade or Imperial Jade, it is mined in other places in the world, however in much less quantities. Today there are many materials that is being used to imitate jade and for people who are not familiar with the qualities of the authentic stone, it will be difficult to tell the difference.

Today jade is also being dyed and treated to enhance quality or colors, so extra carefulness is required when you purchasing high quality jade snuff bottles.

Jade was always an highly prized stone, and today even more, as we see the price of jade items increased. If you wish to purchase real Jade snuff bottles, take few precautions and learn about jade before investing a lot of money.

Few Tips How to tell if Jade is real:

  • Jade should feel cold to your touch, and it will take time to get more warm in your hand.
  • Both Nephrite and Jadeite has high density, so it should be heavier then the average stone of same size.
  • There are some tests you can do in order to make sure you have real jade, Click here for a great guide that will help explain about how to tell if jade is real.

There are many options to test and one should know them before purchasing such goods. As they have high demand, definitely there is a possibility of selling duplicate jade snuff bottles. Be aware of the original and duplicate jade snuff bottles. Know the available tests and implement them properly.

Never do the scratch test on others materials. Also ensure that you clear the marks with alcohol after the test is done. Performing the validation test improperly may result is damaging the actual good.